Issues disappeared, it’s Nehru-Nehru everywhere

Issues disappeared, it’s Nehru-Nehru everywhere

India is a country of 140 Crore people, which have so many issues which need to be discussed in the public interest like, unemployment, inflation, poverty and much more. But when you go on social media or tv media, you will see Nehru as the most important.

That’s the question that has been widely discussed nowadays, why Gandhi family don’t use the Nehru surname? How Gandhi family got Gandhi surname? Some news channel even does prime-time show on this. And sadly who started all this discussion is our prime minister, Narendra Modi. 

In his speech in Rajya Sabha, the prime minister asked why no one from the Nehru family keep the Nehru surname. And here the discussion started, and the issues got disappeared. It became the most important topic. It is Nehru Nehru everywhere on social media. Some news channel does prime-time show on this, explaining how Gandhi family got Gandhi surname. Is it so important topic to cover?

Gandhi family is there to answer the prime minister’s so big confusion, and they have already answered. What is the need for a 1-hour long show on this? Media works for TRP, that’s what they think about, but prime minister sir, there is some topic that is more important than Nehru in India. If you and your supporter can’t find that, I will tell you the topics which you can talk about in the next speech.

  1. India hosting the G20 summit in the year 2023
  2. How many promises got fulfilled in the last 8 years
  3. What is your government’s vision for India and what is your plan to achieve that?
  4. Is the government going to do something in the Adani case, or he will be proven innocent without any investigation?
  5. Target killing of Hindus happening in Kashmir?
  6. Some people want to make this country a Hindu nation
  7. Wrestlers protested against Brijbhushan singh and accused him of sexual exploitation
  8. The public losing their trust in the media
  9. India’s 1% population own 40% of the wealth
  10. Increasing cases of hate speech

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