The Gig Economy: Pros and Cons

The gig economy has been growing rapidly over the past few years, with many people choosing to work as freelancers or independent contractors. In this article, we will explore the gig economy, its pros and cons, and the impact it has on workers and the economy as a whole. I. Introduction: The gig economy has been growing rapidly in recent … Read more

 Summer: The problem of dehydration 

Dehydration is the topic poking our ears nowadays. Hence it is a summer illness caused due to heat. Dehydration is most common in younger to older people the one solution to solve the problem of dehydration is to intake more water. Introduction: Extreme heat in the hot summer can control our bodies. Dehydration occurs when our body loses water content. … Read more

Self-Harmony & Human Values: A Guide to Harmony

The term “harmony” is typically used to describe compatibility and agreement in feelings, behaviors, relationships, beliefs, hobbies, etc. It indicates a condition of equilibrium between factors that are influencing and even at odds with one another. Both intrapersonal and interpersonal harmony has been studied by psychologists, who have confirmed their links to happiness and subjective well-being in empirical investigations. Moreover, … Read more

Relax it’s Kurta Pajama

Are you curious to know some interesting facts regarding kurta pyjama,the word kurta not came from hindi word  but the word kurta originated from a Persian word which means a kind of shirt having no collar were pyjama is a mixture of two words py+jama were py means leg and jama means cover. Indus valley civilization   at the time of … Read more

Who is a Superhero?

When we were young, we always dream about becoming a superhero, wandering around in our imagination. Eventually, with time we stop dreaming. Why? because we grow up. While we were young, we never really took anything seriously except our eating and sleeping schedule, our lives were heaven-like a dream, but with every dream, we get a wake-up call. For many … Read more

Reliance brings back Campa Cola

Reliance Industries revives the Campa Cola brand and plans to launch a new range of natural soft drinks, juices, and mineral water. Reliance Industries, one of India’s largest conglomerates, has announced the revival of the iconic Campa Cola brand of soft drinks. The brand was popular in India during the 1980s and 1990s but disappeared from the market after a … Read more

Description on Footwear

Footwear refers to garment worn on feet, which typically serves purpose of protection against adversities of the environment such as ground texture  and primarily to save from leg injury . Footwear can also be used for fashion and adornment to indicate status or rank of person within society . Even socks and hosiery are typically worn additionally between feet … Read more

Fight! Fight! Fight! But Why?

When a child is born, they don’t know much about the world they are born in. They enjoy their childhood playing, enjoying in whatever way they can, and developing a perspective about the world they live in. Eventually, they realize this world is not what they think it to be.

“Take care of your mind: A guide to prioritizing your mental health”

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the daily grind. It’s important to remember that mental health is just as important as physical health. Taking care of your mind and prioritizing your mental health not only helps you feel better, but also positively impacts your relationships with others, your work, and your overall quality of life. This … Read more

Why are humans irrational beasts?

As intelligent as we are, humans can also be quite irrational. While we like to think of ourselves as logical and rational beings, we often make decisions that don’t make sense or act on emotions that don’t serve us well. Why is this the case? Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons humans can be so irrational. … Read more

The Power of Human Connection: Why Relationships are Essential for Our Wellbeing

Human beings are social creatures. We thrive on connections with others and the power of those relationships cannot be overstated. In fact, research shows that strong relationships are essential for our well-being. In this article, we will explore why relationships are so important and how they can positively impact our lives. First and foremost, relationships provide a sense of belonging. … Read more

Unknown Secrets about Flying on the Planes

We all love flying as it transports you in a very less amount of time. Also it is a comfortable ride. Tiredness associated with other mode of transport is less in aero planes. In general flight travel is easy and less cumbersome. Though flying is made easier day by day some points are there which are almost secret to general public.

The comfort outfit dhoti lungi 

Do you aware of in India, there is a unique outfit which eradicates the difference between men and women in the early 22 hundred years ago and presented the same sense of dress? in ancient times it was called Ontario but today it is named dhoti or lungi. Dhoti which is called panache, veshti, dhuti, mardana, Chandra,vetti, or rainbow and … Read more

Why it’s important to care for your Mental Health

What does mental health means? Our psychological, emotional, and social well-being are all parts of our mental health. In other words, it affects how we feel, think, and act every day. Our ability to make decisions, handle stress, and interact with others in our life are all influenced by our mental health.  A balanced life requires maintaining good mental health. … Read more

Let us talk about ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is a disease found in the woman ovaries where eggs are released every year of May 8th is celebrated as world ovarian cancer day to spread awareness among woman this ovarian cancer can multiply the tissue and quickly destroy the healthy body, which can lead to critical condition of a ovarian. All we have to know about ovarian … Read more