A member of the US Republican Party claimed that National Leaders should be assessed with Mental Ability Test

‘Politics’ refers to the activities associated with the governance of a country or community and it has always been a hot topic in the United States since a few years back. There are no restrictions like age, education, Merit, etc. when it comes to pursuing this profession and where experienced Individuals often occupy the highest positions of power and leadership in a nation. Although it is a service to one’s nation, political parties make use of it for their own benefits many times.

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Many times, National leaders like presidents, PM’s and people of higher positions are experienced or aged above 60. So, elderliness may lead to the lack of efficiencies of mental as well as physical health. That’s why a US Republican Party’s member has claimed that leaders above 75 years old should be assessed with a Mental Ability Test.

A member of the US Republican Party, Nikki Haley said that the political leaders above the age 75 should be evaluated through the mental ability test. She is standing out in the race for the position of President for the upcoming presidential election.

Nimarata(Nikki) haley-Randhawa , is an Indian Origin-American born politician. She was a Former Governor (116th) of South Carolina state and was the 29th US ambassador to the United Nations for two years. She stated that the increasing age lead to the lack of various body functioning activities and it also affects on one’s mental health. So there is a need to assess political leaders above 75 years of age with the Mental Ability ( Mental Competency ) Test. She made a statement which indirectly signposting towards The American President, Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden crosses 80 now and is excited to be in position further. He underwent a cancer surgery recently. Many times, It is seen that he lost his balance during some conferences, Dizziness, etc. Donald Trump, the Republican Party and other US media always appear to frequently point to the mental and physical health of President Biden during his speeches and public statements.

In context, The First Lady, Jill Biden passed a blunt statement addressing Nikki Haley. Certainly, this not only refers to President Biden but it is also important to Donald Trump (76) as well. Of course, If the leader of a nation is not good in physical and mental condition, it may hinder their ability to make sound decisions for the benefit of their county and this could be very dangerous for them and their country also. That’s why It is crucial for the younger generation to get involved in this profession.

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