To the people who are obsessed with movies and can’t live without them.

This will blow your mind away.

We are doing this to give u a bunch of movie lists for you to watch.


Movies are a complicated collision of literature, theatre, music and all the

visual arts. It has a tremendous influence in shaping young people in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood.

The most fascinating aspect is that every person who watches a movie brings their own particular set of experiences to get everyone to clap simultaneously and ideally, to simultaneously laugh, cry, and be horrified. All of us can get therapy by watching movies.

Every time you watch a fantastic movie, it should feel fresh. So let’s take a look at the highlights of 2021 that you can watch repeatedly.

1. Shershaah

IMDb- 8.4                 

Rotten tomatoes-90%

Young Vikram Batra has romantic feelings for Dimple while aspiring to be a soldier. Soon after completing his training, he advances in the military and helps India win the Kargil war.

2. Drishyam-2 Tamil version

IMDb- 8.4                 Rotten tomatoes- 93%

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Seven years after the case related to Vijay and his family was closed, a series of unexpected events brings a truth to light that threatens to change everything for the Salgaonkars.

3. Spiderman- no way home

IMDb- 8.2                 Rotten tomatoes-98%

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To forget his revealed secret identity as Peter Parker, Spider-Man seeks the assistance of Doctor Strange. Strange’s magic fails miserably, though, and uninvited visitors invade their reality as a result.

4. Dune

IMDb-8.0                  Rotten tomatoes-83%

After his father agrees to take on the responsibility of overseeing the hazardous planet, Paul Atreides travels there. However, following a betrayal, pandemonium breaks out as rival factions fight for possession of the valuable mineral melange.

5. Zack Snyder’s Justice League

IMDb-8.0                  Rotten tomatoes-71%

WG0gIcGt1uhHY7UmZoxMs7SQGiIbl2BANyZUEoHAfQi4MXwDPSkQN5JTqlRUiXAmXIP9082YLP6RLtSkc tRSn5NrbRze004 ocNEcaR0ugDGgFlbH9Ql8TtiXxWxjPHCN XyqfetumWNyxgLIzJNl4JFa03 5Incsp9l8OIhAs 2a4iB2mpT v4 HDe5w

After Clark Kent’s passing, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince attempt to unite the metahumans of Earth. Darkseid, meantime, sends Steppenwolf and a sizable army to Earth to conquer mankind.

6. Coda

IMDb- 8,0                 Rotten tomatoes-90%

huDJ vqLt49e3tIqvR05HtNt6h 7iKPzwUklylj8Pw1zObH3HISIXXNYFYU5ycQC8tJigb7USaYAAVuchBtG3gRiPrWxh5B9tNlzOgyLTooWaFRzgUmlIq4NKQdJJclsJ2mifwbHV4veWyJ7dRvkt80sFFyic0r8xpSBTv3y5q9GfIkrfHs17uL w8tKMw

The sole person with hearing in a deaf family from Gloucester, Massachusetts, is Ruby. She is 17 years old and works in the mornings before school to support her family’s fishing operation with her brother. Ruby, however, discovers that she is pulled to both her duet partner and her repressed love of singing after joining the choir club at her high school.

7. Dhamaka

IMDb- 7.2                 Rotten tomatoes-55%

QwKDLZ6 oM38uLlF3 jyLHHNabuG3BlT tAYB9Qq2Spn9Vhoo6DghXDcpTcfX1d4h54g Assf4xwKQ3XCGyQPKirQCdXJyGd1Yfx0jrkwTweP3o5rEDVb9MFCSEva1EqlyI5Q0XTGMGCfoJ84chWaRMjaE9i kCjcDnjKj pHKGju1ZCdLQ lHhy5TXuJA

A radio host takes advantage of a terrorist incident in Mumbai to restore his position as a news presenter. When he learns that his ex-wife is at the bombing scene, things go wrong.

8. The last duel

IMDb-7.4                  Rotten tomatoes-85%

AfioRyn DU lxvnKs3qQHWklY ZDzVif3FLL Sx42Jh3zh52p51KabaEtML58ew

A renowned knight famed for his bravery and prowess in battle, Jean de Carrouges. A squire named Jacques Le Gris is one of the most esteemed nobles in the court due to his brilliance and oratory skills. When Le Gris brutally beats Carrouges’ wife, she confronts her assailant, a bold and defiant gesture that puts her life in danger. The destiny of all three is left in God’s hands after the hard duel to the death that follows the trial by combat.

9.No time to die

IMDb-7.3                  Rotten tomatoes-83%

1 QfPqU5z0IFSp3aSWp8 Dr1FUHmCXApVW95 SozNiPzBGLVzcrJMNkP9J3g k7LJn8M1tEMoEO8NeuVoGrJkbue8ipk5XS8EXFjxiZvIhlxEi5YjLLfKI57b2utd3 Np70lomnsl3rGfI0R35KieVzObjZoP9kc36XL3yy4JbYwDLfFLKcNk0CI5gXT6Q

After quitting the military, James Bond is living a quiet life in Jamaica. His tranquilly is short-lived, though, as Felix Leiter, an old buddy from the CIA, appears and requests assistance. The mission to save a scientist who has been abducted proves to be far more perilous than anticipated, sending Bond on the hunt for a mysterious adversary who is equipped with a lethal new technology.

10. Encanto

IMDb- 7.2                 Rotten tomatoes-91%

lA2bb D9nuMGDe2nfmxJQ7I5pDZZOlK9kURk0FYqQsphnFwiAMRufkWiBBvbUUGNeBnxFEO ohNJrtKed1yjJGFWJfLNsbUg

The Madrigals are a remarkable family that resides in Encanto, a charming location hidden in the Colombian highlands. Every member of the family, except Mirabel, has been given a special gift by Encanto’s magic. When she learns that the magic protecting the Encanto is suddenly in jeopardy, she could soon be the Madrigals’ final hope.


Cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world which makes people forget about their worries. Give a moment to spend time with your friends and family. The second form of mediation. 

Give yourself time and date yourself for 3 hours. 

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