Overview of postpartum and breastfeeding depression


Delivering a baby might be the happiest but on the other hand, it can be the toughest time for a new mother the postpartum period begins right after delivery and lasts up to 6 months by this time a mother’s body which was lost due to her pregnancy, all get back to normal.

Basically, there are so many thoughts, myths, and sayings on postpartum. When the generation changes everything gets a chance.

Breastfeeding and postpartum depression:

When a mother delivers a baby then right after she enters the postpartum period the main attribute which affects a mother is mood swings Baby blues where the peek of mood swings for at least 6 to 7 days after delivery this part of postpartum makes a mother more sadness, anxiety, anger even weeping.

Sleepless nights, crying all the time, hurting, thoughts of death and suicide, overwhelmed emotions, not being interested in the baby, and irritation are some of the symptoms of depression.

Stitches, pains, bowel movements, bleeding, insufficient nutrition, and contractions make it even more stressful.

This can stay up to 2 weeks which can lead to extreme anger and sometimes be harmful to the baby.

Mostly first-time new mothers, mothers of younger age, and mothers of twins fall into excessive depression.

Celebrities and postpartum:

Sameera Reddy mother of two children recently opened up and showcased the difficulties of parenting and also how she was trolled by her appearance after pregnancy.

Esha Deol, an actress, and a writer had spoken about how different her pregnancy was.

Soha Ali Khan talked about how she managed her baby blues now she is creating awareness of parenting in social media.

Shilpa Shetty, she had talked about the challenges of breastfeeding in her postpartum.

Deepika Singh talked about how she put on weight and returned to normal after postpartum and also she opened up about how to motivate new mothers.

Recently new mother Sonam Kapoor opened up about how her clothes are not fitting her during this postpartum weight gain.

Mandira Bedi had opened up and conveyed how she felt about losing her independence postpartum.


As it is the postpartum period, the new mothers suffer a lot to balance the pains as well as breastfeeding Since she is a new mother every time she feeds, she feeds like a cow.

According to research, 22 percent of Indian new mothers go into depression due to breastfeeding. Since a new mother requires motivation and support.

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