PM Modi says there is a need to broaden the study of modern Indian history

PM Modi says there is a need to broaden the study of modern Indian history

As president of the NMML (Nehru Memorial Museum and Library) Society, PM Modi presided over its annual general meeting at his residence in New Delhi.
On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the importance of broadening the scope of research on modern Indian history to include individuals and institutions in order to raise awareness about the country’s history.


7 Places to chill down this coming Summer 2023

Summer season reminds us of holidays and relaxation and diverts our mind to tours and travels. Summer heat is tough to beat and we will be happy to retreat to some cool places to chill down. In India there are plethoras of places where we can beat summer heat. You can find below a list of places where one can take refuge from the summer heat.


Narco Analysis Test – Is it Legal in India?

The Narco analysis test has always been the most impugned topic amongst the legal fraternity, media and the common people. Narco analysis test is a truth finding test, in this test the subject is given an injection of a drug, TRUTH SERUM which helps in neutralising the subjects imagination. Narco test is just like brain mapping or in layman’s language we can say that it is used as a lie detector.

Death of Myrtle Wilson

Gruesome death in Literature: Death of Myrtle Wilson

Death of Myrtle Wilson – Remember those stories you used to write at primary school? You know; the ones that would end cheerily with a sudden ‘and then we all went home for tea’ flourish. Well, sorry to pop a cap in your imaginative ass, but real life – and proper literature – isn’t like that, sonny. It’s dark, horrid and irredeemably ghastly. Well, some of the time anyway. Most notably at times of death.


Nalanda the World’s Greatest University

Nalanda is the name of an ancient center of higher learning in Bihar, India. The site of Nalanda is located in the Indian state of Bihar, about 55 miles south east of Patna, and was a Buddhist centre of learning from 427 to 1197 CE. It has been called “one of the first great universities in recorded history. Some buildings were constructed by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka the Great (i.e. Raja Asoka: 273–232 BCE) which is an indication of an early establishment of the Buddhist learning centre Nalanda. The Gupta Empire also patronized some monasteries

Sexual Harassment

A woman dragged for 12 km by a car, no injuries of sexual assault, sustains autopsy reports: New Delhi

Recent reports state that Anjali Singh, a 20-year-old woman, was struck by a car and carried by the five-man driver for more than ten kilometres. The police and autopsy investigations have confirmed on Tuesday that there were no sexual assault-related injuries, and that the death was actually brought on by the person dragging the body around in an inhumane manner.

Twitter bans accounts in India for policy violation

Twitter bans accounts in India for policy violation

Twitter announced it has banned more than 50k accounts in India for policy violation. Mostly with accounts which promoting child sexual exploitation, brutal rape, non-consensual nudity content where banned which was published such content between August 26 and September 25. In the country, the micro-blogging site which is undergoing a churning under its new owner, also removed 3,035 accounts for promoting terrorism.

Cracking the Glass Ceiling: Why do women occupy fewer leadership roles today?

Cracking the Glass Ceiling: Why do women occupy fewer leadership roles today?

Suffrage may have been achieved a century ago, and the right to work about 60 years ago, but that has not placed a damper on the age-old stereotype casting women into the realms of domesticity for life. Formidable feminist ancestors such Betty Friedan, Simone de Beauvoir, Savitribai Phule, Sarojini Naidu, and many other powerful women fought for their successors rights to equal opportunity and equality. India may have a law against monetary discrimination on the basis of gender, but that hasn’t stopped evidence of discrimination from being blatantly obvious.