On Friday, the Border Security Force (BSF) shot down a second Pakistani drone that had crossed into Indian airspace and was attempting to destabilise the border state of Punjab by dumping weapons. In the Gurdaspur area of Punjab, the drone was shot down not far from the International Border.

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Pakistani drones continue to intrude into Indian territory and dump weaponry to disturb the balance in the border state of Punjab. In a recent incident, Border Security Force (BSF) personnel in the Punjabi area of Gurdaspur shot down a large Pakistani drone.

Bullets and magazines from the fallen drone have been retrieved by the BSF. Also, the Pakistani hexacopter was equipped with an AK-47 weapon, two magazines, and 40 bullets.

In a related incident, Border Security Force (BSF) soldiers shot down a Pakistani drone on February 26 in Amritsar, Punjab. At about 2:11 AM, the BSF jawans on duty heard a buzzing sound close to their posts. Shortly after, they saw a drone entering Indian territory from the Pakistani side. At Amritsar Rural, the drone was subsequently shot down.

A Pakistani drone was shot down by the Border Security Force (BSF) in Amritsar, close to the Indo-Pak border, in a separate incident in January. From the drone, five pounds of illegal goods were taken.

According to BSF, there has been a surge in drone activity coming from Pakistan in recent months.

The drone had already breached the jurisdiction of the Border Observation Post (BOP) Rear Kakkar in the Punjabi Amritsar sector.

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