“Parliament logjam can be resolved if Opposition comes forward for talks” said Amit Shah

Amit Shah establishes probe on Manipur's Ethnic Violence

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, stated in New Delhi that the government will move “two steps ahead” if the opposition makes “two steps forward” in resolving the current impasse in Parliament.

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Image Source: aljazeera.com

Speaking at the India Today Conclave on Friday in Delhi, Mr. Shah added that some problems are above politics and that even the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had refused to discuss national politics abroad.

“Let the two parties talk while seated before the Speaker. We will move forward two steps while they should advance two strides. Parliament will then begin to move quickly. But you can’t just hold a news conference and do nothing, he insisted.

According to the Home Minister, a legislative system cannot function with just the Treasury or just the Opposition because both must communicate with one another.

“Despite our initiative, the Opposition has not made a suggestion for talks. So with whom will we speak? They are speaking with the press. They came up with a catchphrase advocating for expression freedom in parliament. The right to free expression is unrestricted in parliament. Nobody has the right to silence you, he declared.

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