PCB threatens to take legal action against Ramiz Raja

PCB threatens to take legal action against Ramiz Raja


After an altercation erupted between the Board’s new management committee and the previous chairman following his abrupt resignation, the Pakistan Cricket Board on Wednesday vowed to file a lawsuit against Ramiz Raja.

“The Pakistan Cricket Board has expressed its disappointment over the comments made and language used by former Chairman Mr. Ramiz Raja against Chairman of the PCB Management Committee Mr. Najam Sethi on a social media platform and in a TV interview,” the PCB said in a statement.

This further flares the ongoing tension between Mr. Raja & the Pakistan Cricket Board. 


It all began with Mr. Ramiz Raja’s unceremonious dismissal as the President of the Pakistan Cricket Board. The nation’s government ousted Raja from his position as PCB chairman last Thursday, and a 14-member committee led by Najam Sethi was chosen to oversee the game’s operations for the following four months. Raja claimed that after being fired, the government suspended the constitution and prevented him from taking even his items from the board office.

“Najam Sethi tweets at 2 in the night that Ramiz Raja is out. Is this respect for a former captain? I was not even allowed to go to the office and collect my belongings,” Ramiz said on Monday on his YouTube channel. 

Mr. Raja characterized his dismissal as an act of political vendetta, What happened to me is just political victimization and vendetta just because I was appointed by the opposition party although I have no political links with anyone. I was appointed based on my cricket and administrative credentials.

The way ahead 

The Board has been unaccepting of Mr. Raja’s allegations and has threatened to sue him. It has also refuted allegations of Mr. Raja being denied entry into the stadium or being thwarted from recovering his possessions from his previous office. 

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