Do you know that the battle fought in india vital role of women during struggle for freedom in India, there was also a attire of 9yards saree which looks like dhoti like shape, had a vital role in glorious history of India. Such as, tarabai,rani kittur chellema,rani velu chahiyar,rani abadkka, jhasi ki rani laxmibai and rani avanti bai strongest knight warrior. We salute to these women’s who contributed their life for nation. We get lots of stories when we reviend our glorious history. These attire gives you comfort an

d helps you for free movement,these 9yards of saree was symbol of power, courage and equality.


Evidence says that navkari saree introduced in ancient period,combining both antaria and uttariya when combined both upper and lower side and prepared a saree it Also called akand vastra. Where in 1850 in western countries like American women’s started wearing trousers were in India from earlier period in 200bce- 100AD started wearing saree’s.

There was two forms of saree one was navkari and second was  mandisar. Popularly these maharastrian saree also known as kaashtha,sakachcha and lugada.

Traditionally maharastrian women wore these saree after marriage, the another name of the  saree named as madisar were madi means pallu and sar means thar,thar means kashta. Typically Tamil brahmin families ayinger and iyer both use to wear these saree in occasions, marriage ceremonies,seemandham (form of baby shower).navkari  saree decrease diffrence between man and woman, lower portion gives look of dhoti, pallu from upper part give feminine look,the weird two in one look, give same character in one thread to both man and woman

. Gives the shape of ardhanarishvara. There is a scientific style to tie saree and  scientific reasons behind the saree. Even science support it, if you carry or hold saree in proper way it balance your hunger. While draping a madisar saree knot tied on hip nerve and backbone will put pressure on nerve which helps wearer avoid going bathroom in between religion function or important event.

It is believed that madisar especially the kancham act as custion to lumber area,it is very similar to hip belt. Suggested my orthopedic for backaches. Madisar cushions the uterus and act as a shock absorber. Hence our ancestors hardly had miscarriage or infantry problems.

Navari saree is pride of maharashtra, every class, caste  either upper class or lower class both use to wore these saree, brahman ladies use to wear in puja or spiritual activities, other hand wakari community ladies use to wear saree in pandhapur wari occasions or garesh chaturthy festivals , at the time lavani dance and daily wear of koli fish community.


Brahmani drape, maratha style drape,  peshwai drape, knee length drape, farmer women drape, koli drape, lavani style drape, iyengar style style or madisar drape.

Either war or entertainment navratri saree was popular in every field.if it is madhuri dance no. Or vidhya balan famous lavni,historical character in film’s such as mastani, savitri bai or either it is dev sena it can’t be imagine without navkari saree.

61 year old lata bhagwan kare won 3km, Baramati marathon race with wearing navkari saree, inspire lots of other women participate in race wearing navkari saree, gayatri sampath kumar won race with wearing madisar, kranti salvi won marathon  world fastest run in saree,in Germany and Berlin in saree and created a world record. It proves that navkari saree is a symbol of power, courage and representation of equality. It put the examples of those women who broke backward and stereotype thinking from society, and gave birth to positive approach, modern thinking in society, gave scope to every girls can see and achieve their dreams.

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