Rahul Gandhi to speak in British Parliament

Rahul Gandhi to speak in British Parliament

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi spoke in Cambridge, which is accepted as hatred against the BJP, and now he’s all set to speak in the British Parliament.

Rahul Gandhi will deliver a speech in the Grand Committee Room today to embrace India’s culture. Leader also met Indians settled there and is on the urge to hold private business meetings. In his speech at Cambridge University, he said that India’s democracy is under attack. Some politicians accused Gandhi of speaking against his own country.

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The BJP attacked Gandhi for defaming country:

On March 4th, Gandhi visited Cambridge University to address a speech in which he said he was under surveillance and his phone was spied.

for few days, after which BJP leader Ravi Prashad Shankar hit back at Gandhi and said not to defame his own country. 

On Twitter, people bashed Gandhi and commented, “Press meetings are acceptable in one’s own country but not blaming and crying outside about Indian democracy and its leaders.”Gandhi has frequently been attacked due to his comments and the Bharat Jodo Yatra, so public criticism of him is nothing new.

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public bashing Gandhi. Image Source: twitter.com

Rahul Gandhi’s 10-day visit to the UK is highlighting new issues every day with massive controversies. Today, Leader will address the public in the grand committee room. Earlier, he was bashed by BJP leaders and supporters on the national television channel and on social media platforms because of his speech at Cambridge University.

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