Relax it’s Kurta Pajama

Relax it's Kurta Pajama

Are you curious to know some interesting facts regarding kurta pyjama,the word kurta not came from hindi word  but the word kurta originated from a Persian word which means a kind of shirt having no collar were pyjama is a mixture of two words py+jama were py means leg and jama means cover.

Indus valley civilization  

at the time of the Harappa civilization people used to carry unstitched warped cloths  the trend of stitched cloth came from migrated people of central asia and Persian people developed varbana which was a kind of tunics that having slits on both the sides which having both varieties half and full sleeves varbana  from here people got inspired to  make kurta 

the word kurta has its origin in the urdu, hindustani language has also got the name from the sanskrit word kuratu or kurtara in persian it literally means a collarless shirt.

Kushan era 30ce- 375ce

when Kushan dynasty started ruling and controlling in northern India, Afghanistan Pakistan etablished their power. because of cold region and climate started wearing over coat along with kurta and kurta was cover from coat so collar of kurta was only shown only from neck region.

Mughal era 1556ce-1605

when emperor Akbar was in throne, the painting and and art of that period are clearly shown in their drawing the patten of pyjamas worn at that period the portion waist to knee is lose but knee to foot portion is tight looks like churidar the length of payjama larger than size leg, long tight fitting trouser . 

In Mughal era  payjama was introduced in solid colors was in trend in those period and influenced other patterns such as churidar,shalwar,dhilja,gharara and farshi all class of people rajput to mughal darbari use to carry kurta payjama similar pattern. were royal prince use to carry achkan with chudidar payjama were nizami princes use to carry cotty with sleeve-less kurti.

The bhopali kurta,from capital city madhya pradesh bhopal. a loose kurta that has pleats at the waist and is long enough to reach below the knees but ends above the ankle. it is believed that influenced by the dress of turke. and begam of bhopal sultan  jehan begum introduced it.

Pre-independence era 1857-1947

to fight against cruel Britishers the Indians were protest and boycotted the cloth made by Britishers then indians introduced kurta made of khadi and became popular at that time outfit became a symbolism or signature of patriotism  by passing of time not only india but it become worldwide popular specially in western countries.

Victorian era 1837- 1901 

At that time there was dominance of Britishers all over the world and payjama got its unique identity in 1960 to 2000 united nation, Britain  and some other countries adopted as relax and as new fashion trend as comfort night dress.

But kurta wore in traditional occasions today kurta available in various fabrics such as cotton, khadi and made up of silk but  other fabrics  such as linen rayon are also available in markets. by passing of time the variations came in design, fabric,colors,process of making kurta .

Now let us discuss the recent trend of kurtas present in market such as  short kurta, lucknowi kurta , pathani kurta ,muksari kurta, bengali kurta, side button kurta, front button kurta, mandarin collar kurta, v cut kurta, embroidery kurta kurta payjama is so common indian outfit eaisly available in almairah  of every Indian.

Relax it's Kurta Pajama
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From pre-independent to till now carried by political leader  which is a idiol dress of simplicity.from jawar lal nehru and Shastri ji to narendra modi and rahul gandhi wore kurta in public occasions. even kurta can carried with dhoti also.

It wore in wedding occasions festivals such as holi, diwali wore for ethnic feel. not even indian but holloywood celebrities   wore in their movies the movie of 1968 beetles the actor wore during india’s visit.and  spider man in coming movie robert drownee  junior wore kurta with bandhani dupatta

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