Six Men Perish, The Boat Capsizes In Andhra Pradesh’s Nellore, Six Men Perish

Six Men Perish, The Boat Capsizes In Andhra Pradesh's Nellore, Six Men Perish
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According to authorities, six persons perished in a pond in the Toderu village in Andhra Pradesh’s Nellore district.

The six guys were among a group of ten people that entered the pond on Sunday, according to the police, who also added that four of them were able to safely escape. All of them were proficient swimmers, but the pond’s murky conditions caused six of them to go submerged and drown, according to authorities.

Alli Srinath (18), Prasanth (28), Raghu (24), Balaji (18), Kalyan (25), and Surendra (18) have been named as the deceased, according to the police.

According to the police, the males got out of the boat without telling the pond keeper.

Ch Vijaya Rao, the superintendent of police in Nellore, said about the accident that happened on Sunday night: “Just four of the ten individuals who went into the pond in a country boat made of iron, which is used to feed fish, managed to get out.”

Rao said that the guys had previously exited the boat several times without telling the pond keeper.

“The boat capsized as they attempted to do a U-turn by rowing, causing floods and their all diving into the sea. Unfortunately, several of them became immobilized by the slushy pond bed “explained the SP who went to the location.

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