The United Nations is locked in a Space race with China and the country has to watch out that its lunar resources shouldn’t be dominated.

The assessment came from the NASA administration Bill Nelson, a former astronaut and Florida senator who went on to warn that China’s claim to own the moon’s resource-rich areas.

The contest between the US and China, he added and magnified into this matter which later took into account that the next two years could determine which country achieves an advantage in this race for space.

A fact stated by Nelson: It is true that we better ‘watch out’ that they don’t get to a place on the moon under the guise of scientific research. Though it is far from the possibility that they say “Keep out”, here this is our territory. This phrase indicates Yes! We’re in a space race.

Nelson even cites Chinese aggression over islands in the South China Sea where he observed that Beijing has established military bases as evidence of its territorial ambition.

Last year, China’s space program put up a different Space station and also highlighted several lunar orbiting and sample-retrieving missions. As part of this space program, a third phase was set up to establish an autonomous lunar research station near Moon’s south pole is planned for 2025.

In December, the Chinese government offered its vision for various infrastructure and space governance. China also announced the goal of landing taikonauts on the moon by the end of this decade. Nasa scheduled a 26-day Artemis mission to take pictures of the lunar surface, and a few more mission activities were added. However, the US is also towards Mars.

US military brass has also sounded alarmed over Chinese militarisation of space and attendant security concerns.

Beijing rejects some US interpretations of the motives behind China’s space push. Outer space is not a wrestling ground, ” Lie Pengyu, spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in Washington, told Politico.

The Spokesman said that some US officials had “spoken irresponsibility to misrepresent the normal and legitimate space endeavours of China”.

“China urges and advocates for the peaceful use of outer space opposes the weaponization of the army race in outer space, and works actively towards building a community within a shared future for mankind in the space domain”.

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