SRK calls  Assam CM in response to Pathaan’s criticism of “who is SRK”

SRK calls Assam CM in response to Pathaan's criticism of "who is SRK"

SRK’s upcoming film, Pathaan, continues to be a subject of controversy. Himanta Biswa Sarma, the chief minister of Assam, tweeted on Sunday that he had answered a call from Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan at two in the morning. The opposition parties wasted no time in reminding him that he had said the day before that he does not know who the actor is.

SRK calls  Assam CM in response to Pathaan's criticism of "who is SRK"
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‘Shri Shah Rukh Khan’ phoned him and “expressed concern about an incident in Guwahati during screening of his film” according to Sarma’s tweet. He added that he had reassured the actor that upholding law and order was the responsibility of the state administration. He continued, “We’ll enquire and ensure no such untoward incidents.”

The Incident in Guwahati 

Sarma was pointing to an event that happened on Friday, when Bajrang Dal members assembled in front of the Gold Digital Cinema Hall in Guwahati and were captured on camera destroying and burning Pathaan posters while chanting “Jai Shri Ram.” On January 25, Khan and Deepika Padukone’s film Pathaan will be released.

Sarma responded, “If someone makes a charge in a police station, we will take action right away,” when questioned about the event earlier on Saturday. What is this Pathaan-Wathaan, exactly? I haven’t seen it or heard about it. I’m too busy to do this. Shah Rukh Khan, who is he? We have so many Shah Rukh Khans here, so why should we be concerned? The future Assamese movie “Dr. Bezbaruah” will be launched, thus we should probably worry about that. The film’s creators have likewise remained silent. I answer all incoming calls. Why should we be worried? If there was a problem, Shah Rukh Khan would have… In case Shah Rukh Khan calls, I’ll investigate the situation.

“‘Shri’ symbolises dignity of my office,” the Assam CM later tweeted. The actor contacted me and introduced himself; I haven’t called anyone. Only my constitutional obligation is reflected in my assurance of law and order. There’s nothing to criticise.


Earlier, too Prime Minister Narendra Modi cautioned party members to refrain from making “unnecessary remarks” about movies at the BJP’s National Executive meeting last week. “No one should say things that aren’t required since they would diminish the effort we put in,” he stated. Several BJP politicians around the nation have called for a boycott of Pathaan in recent weeks. 

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