Studies suffer as teaching faculty are deployed in data entry activities

Studies suffer as teaching faculty are deployed in data entry activities

Teaching faculty deployed in government clerical jobs curb necessary educational facilities thus depriving students


  • The primary task of clerical works
  • Studies suffer
  • Regular updates on state and centre portals impacting productivity

A government teacher ought to have been recruited in a school to teach. But no, they are now running updates and filling data entries into computers, every week for the state and every month for the centre.

A look into some credible reports

According to the Telegraph reports, the head teacher of a school in Odisha identifies his work as that of a data entry operator. These clerical tasks are undoubtedly required. That’s very true. Yet the people who are carrying out these tasks are not accountable or responsible in any way. This significantly hampers studies of students, arriving from near or far.

The headteacher from a school in Brahmagiri district in Puri says that his day of work begins with counting the number of students arriving at school at 10 a.m.

These figures on one hand are significantly necessary. This not only aids in keeping track of the number of students as beneficiaries of the PM Poshan scheme but also records the dropout ratios and related figures.

Studies suffer as teaching faculty are deployed in data entry activities
Image Source: The Independent

Opinions on the matter

However, it can be very well evident from the report that the effective implication of human capital is not significantly carried out.  The head teachers of this school are curbed from imparting lessons, intelligence, and wisdom to students.

It would have been further beneficial in creating a fresh round of human capital and filling the gaps of clerical posts if any in the long run. Moreover, the existing human capital might have the possibility to run out of their productivity. Productivity drainage ascribing to overwork has been a significant issue to address of late.

Two matters can be significantly resolved here: Creating alternative employment through job vacancies

Recruiting new teachers in government or government-aided institutions.

This will not only be effective in imparting quality education but will also consequently ensure that the data entry system is not disrupted. The websites will be updated with the necessary information from time to time and the figures maintained to effectively carry out the government schemes concerning education.

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