The ED says INR 1 crore in unaccounted cash was seized

The ED says INR 1 crore in unaccounted cash was seized.

Tejashwi refuses to answer questions from the CBI; the CBI issues a second summons; and the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, according to the Enforcement Department, is the owner and controller of a bungalow in Delhi’s New Friends Colony that is registered in the name of A.B. Export Private Limited.

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The raid on Lalu Prasad’s home and the homes of his relatives were carried out by the Enforcement Directorate. The Lalu Prasad family allegedly had INR 1 crore in undeclared cash that was seized, according to the Enforcement Directorate’s statement on Saturday. Because he served as the UPA government’s railway minister from 2004 to 2009, he will con people out of jobs in the railway industry.

The primary claim is that there is a connection between the money laundering case and the railroad job scam. According to the alarming study, the Lalu Yadav family constituencies account for 50% of the candidates the railroad hired. It will make the fraud’s seriousness clear. They invested the money they had been defrauded of in businesses, real estate, and other areas.

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The Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Tejashwi Yadhav, assisted in all of the frauds.

The Lalu Prasad families and Tejashwi Yadhav’s deputy chief minister were recently called by the CBI. Both of them, along with a few other officers, will pull off the swindle. ED makes it quite apparent that they encountered an unbelievable swindle. The raid will begin on Friday in the areas around Tejashwri Yadhav and Lalu Prasad.

What did they seize and capture?

A total of 540 GM of bullion gold, $1,900, INR 1 crore, and Rs 1.25 crore worth of gold jewelry are unaccounted for in the Lalu Prasad family. All of the aforementioned are unaccounted for. The Lalu Prasad family has real estate and personal belongings worth up to INR 600 crore. Immovable property information totaling INR 350 crore and transaction information totaling INR 250 crore are gathered. 

“He held valuable properties worth INR 150 crore under the name Tejashwri Yadhav. The 150 crore were not only obtained legally. He used his unexplained funds to produce this asset. A business that is owned by Tejashwi Yadhav is referred to as a “beneficiary enterprise.” Its headquarters were in South Delhi.

If this is new?

It’s not new, though. For their good job, some government employees get bribes from the public and some business owners.  Corruption and commission exist in every government office. Also, the public is ignorant of corruption and bribes. Individuals prefer to finish their work swiftly. They bribe the officers because of this. The government pays officers for their services in the form of a salary. 

The government receives funding for salaries from citizens who pay taxes. So it follows that the people are the owners and employers of both the government and its officers. Government officials serve the people by doing their jobs. So, you are not required to pay bribes to government officials in any circumstance. It will corrupt the country and make the people also corrupt.

What can we do?

Take action against anyone who solicits bribes for services rendered in any government office. It will serve to ask a lesson to anyone who accepts a bribe. A special police agency dedicated to combating political corruption and carrying out general anti-corruption initiatives is known as an anti-corruption agency. CBI, ED, anti-corruption, etc.

 These are some of the government departments and entities that work to eradicate corruption in a nation.

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