In the booming industry of Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT is ahead of all , with its new update ChatGPT – 4 is more precise, more efficient and now can do more things which makes him pretty close to a human being. 

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  • Understand Language and Context:

OpenAI , the company from California behind the product ChatGPT have expounded that their new ChatGPT – 4 is now more user friendly than the previous CHatGPTs which provides  creative and more human – like outputs for the given instructions. The company stated that their new update is a “large multimodal” that comes up with human-level performance.

Now it  can review your code more efficiently and will solve your math problem faster than you will expect. Similar to google lens , GPT-4 can offer text – based solutions to image inputs as well. It has the ability to judge whether a sentence is positive or negative by judging the emotions provided in the text.

Also, Microsoft as now its investor has also stated that ChatGPT in its further updates has the potential to give videos as answers to the given input.It will give the users answers on a personal level making the communication more engaging.

  • Upgrading as a Virtual Assistant:

You can use ChatGPT as a highly efficient Virtual Assistant now , it is highly useful in analyzing your email and calendar.It can analyze your email , review it  and can help to write it’s reply as humanly as it can be. There is also an upgrade in the memory when it comes to GPT-4 , it has a maximum token count of 32,768.Now it can hold its memory longer and can provide you advanced answers.

  • Multi-tasking:

Due to this vast memory and knowledge , it can also hold on to several different conversations at a time and will also answer to these different conversations timely by keeping a track on them.It can recall previous conversations and can provide you with suitable and relevant  outputs.

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