Ukraine’s Struggle in the Donbas Region: Outgunned by Russia

Ukraine's Struggle in the Donbas Region: Outgunned by Russia

The ongoing conflict in the Donbas region between Ukraine and Russia has been marked by a significant disparity in firepower. Despite Ukraine’s efforts to increase its military capability with Western support, it remains outgunned by Russia. This article will examine Ukraine’s efforts to level the playing field, including its use of rockets and ammunition and the challenges it faces.

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Ukraine’s Military Capability

Ukraine has been using rockets and ammunition to fight against Russian forces in the conflict in the Donbas region. The United States has authorized shipments of up to 807,000 rounds of ammunition for Ukraine to fire and has sent Kyiv a total of 126 howitzers. Ukraine now has 26 advanced mobile howitzers, which it is using to fight the Russian forces.

The country is also using long-range rockets to transform its artillery. The 155-millimeter guns can shoot farther—20 miles or so—and with more powerful ammunition than the older 122s and 152s generally can. These rockets have given Ukraine an advantage in the conflict, allowing it to strike targets deep in Russian-held territory.

Challenges Faced by Ukraine

Despite its efforts, Ukraine faces significant challenges in the conflict. One of the most significant challenges is a lack of ammunition and rockets to keep up with Russia. As one Ukrainian soldier stated in a Guardian report, “We’re almost out of ammunition and relying on Western arms to stay alive.” This shortage of supplies has forced Ukraine to rely heavily on Western support to continue the fight.

Another challenge facing Ukraine is the disparity in military technology between itself and Russia. The Russian military possesses some of the most advanced weaponry in the world, including hypersonic missiles and stealth technology. In contrast, Ukraine’s military is outdated and under-equipped.

Ukraine also faces a significant challenge in dealing with Russia’s use of unconventional warfare. Russia has employed tactics such as cyberattacks, disinformation campaigns, and support for separatist groups in the region. These tactics have helped Russia maintain a significant advantage in the conflict.


Ukraine’s efforts to level the playing field in the Donbas conflict have been significant, but the country still faces significant challenges. Its reliance on Western support for ammunition and weapons has been critical, but it may not be enough to overcome Russia’s superior military technology and tactics.

Ukraine’s struggle in the Donbas region highlights the importance of international support in conflicts. As the conflict continues, it is crucial that Western countries continue to provide Ukraine with the resources it needs to fight against Russian aggression.

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