From the earlier article we have seen what interaction design is and how it works. The process of designing a prototype is one of the key terms you can see. so in this article, we will discuss what is prototype and why a prototype is essential as such. Let’s get started.

What is a Prototype?

Prototype plays a vital role when you want to incorporate all of the features and the function with the final product.

Though it is an unfinished version it appears in front of the user as a finished product. The main objective of testing any prototype is to make sure that it engages the audience. It enables the product values and quality before the final version or launch.

What is Prototyping in Design Process?

There are five stages of designing thinking including the following points;

  • Research your user’s need
  • Define user needs and problems
  • Create ideas
  • Create solutions to the problems
  • Try to sort out the solution

From the above step, know that prototyping is one stage in designing thinking after you create the ideas. It is an experimental process where the idea comes into reality. The prototype is a complex and critical process.

What are the Benefits of Prototyping?

It helps to find out the weak points in the product design before the launch of the final product. It makes it easier to you to accept or reject the hypothesis.

Prototyping helps to get access from your customer by applying early feedback.

What are the Stages of Prototyping?

It is a product development process that takes time. the market research product design process testing production packing and the final product development all these elements are included in this process.

The function, form, manufacturing, and cause are all of these four elements to consider during the prototype development process.

  • To define the clear objective
  • To include the best features
  • To build up a prototype
  • Testing process
  • Presentation

Tips to Create an Effective Prototype

  • Consider user engagement
  • Planning and testing organization
  • Quick action
  • Involvement of the right tools
  • Maintain the testing question


Subsequently, we come to know that prototyping is essential for product teams. It helps companies to save money for long-term projects and benefits.

We can find the potential problems in designing from the prototyping before the final production. This helps avoid silly mistakes and costs too.

if you analyze the feedback from the customer during the process of prototyping then it would be better to make a change to the design before the final product. It portrays the importance of the prototyping process.

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