Why do North Indians migrate to South India?

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North to South.

India :

Our Indian constitution says that India is not a country but a union of states. Each person who is a citizen of India has the fundamental rights of equality, freedom of speech, integrity, etc. 

People migrant :

Migration is a thing that has mostly happened in history. In India, external migration is mostly happening. The main drivers of migration are poverty, economic problems, unemployment, loss of lives, work, study, and other reasons. 

Literacy rate :

The National Survey of India published a report stating that the literacy rate of India in 2022 will be 77.7 percent. The word “literacy” represents the ability to read and write. 84.40% of men and 71.50% of women are getting educated in India. Kerala is the first state where 94.00% of the people are getting educated.

Studies tell us that the literacy rate of North India is somewhat lower than that of South India. The reasons for the difference are caste discrimination, gender discrimination, and economic burden. This is all on one side.

On the other side, the government will raise awareness about education, health, and some other essential things. The role of government in development areas is slow. The government is also responsible for that situation, but now the trend will be changed and many of them will move forward with getting educated. Most northern students come to the southern side for their higher education because the number of colleges and schools on the northern side is somewhat less than on the southern side. 

Unemployment :

Without education, awareness, knowledge, and skills about any work, it may lead to unemployment (or no job). The government will not be concerned about the unemployment that’s driving the workers into migration. A daily wage worker’s salary is high on the southern side compared with the northern side. 

The emigration of people may lead to unemployment for the native people. Native people are losing their jobs because of an employee who is ready for a low salary and extra time working. This can cause irony among the people.

In construction, some banking sectors, post sectors, tea shops, and other areas are mostly filled by the Northern people because of the above-mentioned reasons.

Before some decades:

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History repeats itself. Before a few decades, the South Indians migrated to North India, particularly Bombay, because of poverty, unemployment, and drought. At that time, Northern people some of them are opposed emigration. The Varatharaja muthaliyar, Haji masthan, and other gangsters and fighters are growing against that opposition in Bombay.

They’ll form a group of people who are affected by this opposition in Bombay and the surrounding areas. They’ll get political power from their native and that place also. So, migration is not only happening now but also in the past.

How to correct this? 

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Indian Government.

Migrant people are migrants for their lives. So the government comes forward to help them and create employment opportunities for those who seek employment. The best way is to form a commission to resolve the unemployment problem in the country. The government can give orders to the companies, and the companies have a special privilege for natives.

 And create new jobs that are helpful for the people. Give awareness about farming to the rural areas, particularly to those who are not educated. Giving education to the younger generation is the main thing. If you educate older citizens and those who are not educated, it can make a person more knowledgeable about the country, the world, jobs, society, and science.

Provide free education to the students in the nation. Make a single education syllabus for schools that is equal to government schools and private schools. Give every citizen free and equal hospitalization and health care throughout the country. These all make for good lives and a good future for the citizens of India.

Knowledge and education are the only things that make you perfect.

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