What is Entrepreneurship and who are all entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship is the ability to set up a business taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. People who are all involved in Entrepreneurship are known as entrepreneurs.

The word Entrepreneur states ‘One who can take on endeavour’, Entrepreneurs are the driving force of every nation’s economy and society. And this is why entrepreneurship businesses are very important for every country.

Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs are often considered the building blocks of an economy. They take risks to fulfil customer needs and expectations.

Is that entrepreneurship possible without a degree?

Yes, Entrepreneurship doesn’t need any graduation to start a business. But, a college degree is more prominent to get your soft skills.

Entrepreneurship provides a great way for financial freedom, building success, and gain profit. But on the other hand, a college degree is also more important in starting a business which can give knowledge about technical possibilities, how to start a business, soft skills like accountability, and can help to get which career path is right for you.

Top 8 successful entrepreneurs without a degree

  • Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook co-founder who dis-continued his Harvard in 2004
  • Steve Jobs – The later apple founder who left college after six months to get his business
  • Richard Branson – The British business magnet proved one can make charisma as much as academic merit   
  • Bill Gates – The fourth richest man in the world planned on graduating from Harvard, dropped out to focus on his business in 1975
  • Michael Dell – Another college dropout went on to become the founder of dell
  • Larry Ellison – He is an entrepreneur worth an estimated $118 billion, all without finishing a college education
  • Walt Disney – Disney never went to college but his imagination ushered the gold age of animation
  • Henry Ford – Henry might not graduate with a college degree but his revolutionary ideas are now studied in business schools around the world
Why does Entrepreneurship need a degree?
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So, here we can find successful entrepreneurs without a college degree who refused to follow the myth of the straight path to achievement. But, at the same time, we can only get the Top 8 successful entrepreneurs, Top 10 wealthiest people in the world.

What about the rest of the 8 billion people in this universe? Education systems were created to gain knowledge about everything in this world. Apart from successful people, the rest of this world is filled with Jack and Jill who are all supposed to follow the straightforward way to get an education and live life in this world. During the period of a college degree, it teaches about how this world is technically made and how this society functions to meet your needs. So, even successful people need their education and degree to earn and to live.

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