Interaction design determines how daily people interact with computers and other devices. Interaction design determines the value of communication service to its users, and the quality of experience they gain while using it.

As networks converge, almost everything we use, or do, involves some kind of interaction and interaction design shapes the kind of experience we have when this takes place. Compared to physical products, computer services are the experiences, not the things we can touch or alter.

 Interaction design, thus, deals with immaterial processes and with services. Interaction design also reveals the new business models that are needed to deliver these services and experiences. Very few universities and design schools in this world specialize in this vital subject. Interaction design is a huge part of your design projects. When you think of UX, you need to always remember your user’s interaction with your product user.

UX designers tend to think about interaction designs only as a prototyping stage. In reality, the interaction includes way more components along with the prototyping stage. As a quick example, think of a flow when a user wants to buy an item. How do you think the number of steps would be more pleasant? Similarly, the importance of interaction design can not be defined only by looking at the goal it reaches, it can be found out by looking into the amount of work it needs to accomplish one product’s design.


Interaction design is a part of your work. While your major tasks involve research, creativity, and other aspects, you need to know about interaction design(IxD) at least the basics. Today, UX/UI is not a new term, but your projects with the right amount of creativity become stronger if you can add dimensions from interaction design and combine it in your work.

You’ll assure your clients or company of your design concept by showing actual interaction during testing, so your ideas will get clearer to the target audience. And five dimensions of interaction design are some of the powerful tools you can use to improve your design concepts today with the right expertise in the field.

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