Why does Entrepreneurship need a degree?

What is Entrepreneurship and who are all entrepreneurs? Entrepreneurship is the ability to set up a business taking on financial risks in the hope of profit. People who are all involved in Entrepreneurship are known as entrepreneurs. The word Entrepreneur states ‘One who can take on endeavor’, Entrepreneurs are the driving force of every nation’s economy and society. And this is why entrepreneurship businesses are very important for every country.

Elon Musk reversing a Twitter ban on political ads

The Company tweeted late Tuesday that “We are relaxing our ad policy for cause-based ads in the US”. Twitter banned all political advertising in 2019, reacting to growing concern about misinformation spreading on social media. At the time, CEO Jack Dorsey said that while internet ads are powerful and effective for commercial advertisers, ‘this power can influence votes to affect the people and also risks to politics’

Twitter bans accounts in India for policy violation

Twitter announced it has banned more than 50k accounts in India for policy violation. Mostly with accounts which promoting child sexual exploitation, brutal rape, non-consensual nudity content where banned which was published such content between August 26 and September 25. In the country, the micro-blogging site which is undergoing a churning under its new owner, also removed 3,035 accounts for promoting terrorism.