Impact Of Artificial Intelligence on the BPO Industry after Covid 19

     Impact Of Artificial Intelligence on the BPO Industry after Covid 19
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Since before the spread of the Covid 19 epidemic numerous companies have made attempts to use AI robotizations to automate Business Process Outsourcing Centres( BPO Centres) and numerous futile attempts were made to reduce the mortal pool in this assiduity. But after the epidemic due to the deficit of mortal pool numerous companies had to resort to bringing back half ignited artificial intelligence programmes.

This caused massive layoffs in colorful companies, where layoffs weren’t possible the companies made sure that some kind of software using ai was used to make sure that lower of the mortal pool is used and lower plutocrat is spent on hires. Artificial Intelligence in the BPO assiduity is substantially used in document and textbook grounded processing. 

About Business Process Outsourcing 

Business process outsourcing( BPO) is the outsourcing of certain business functions to a third- party service provider. These business functions can include client service, mortal coffers, account and finance, and data processing. BPO is a form of outsourcing that involves the constricting of the operations and liabilities of specific business functions to a third- party service provider. The service provider is also responsible for the operation and delivery of those services to the customer. BPO is also known as business process services, information services outsourcing, and back office outsourcing. 

About Artificial Intelligence 

AI or Artificial intelligence is a simulation of mortal intelligence in machines that are programmed to suppose and learn like humans. These machines can be trained to perform tasks similar as feting speech, understanding natural or speaking language, and making opinions grounded on the data given. Some exemplifications of AI include tone- driving buses , virtual particular sidekicks, and computer programs that can play games like chess and Go. 

Negatives of AI in BPO 

The use of AI in the BPO( business process outsourcing) assiduity can have several negative goods, including 

1. Job Losses: AI and robotization can replace mortal workers, leading to job losses and severance. 

 2. Quality Control: AI systems may not always produce the same position of quality as mortal workers, leading to crimes and dissatisfaction among guests. 

 3. sequestration and Security: The use of AI in BPOs may raise enterprise’s about the security and sequestration of sensitive client data. 

 4. Bias: AI systems can immortalize and amplify impulses in data, leading to illegal and discriminative issues. 

 5. Dependence: companies that calculate too heavily on AI may come too dependent on technology, and may struggle to acclimatize if the AI system fails or becomes obsolete. 

 6. Lack of mortal touch: AI-driven services may warrant the particular touch that humans can give, which can lead to lower client satisfaction. 

 7. Cost: enforcing and maintaining AI systems can be expensive, which may not be doable for lower BPOs. 

The use of AI in call centres can lead to the robotization of certain tasks, similar to client service relations, which may affect job loss for call centre workers. still, it can also lead to bettered effectiveness and client satisfaction, and may produce new job openings in fields similar as AI development and operation. Overall, the goods of AI on the livelihood of call center workers will depend on the specific perpetration and how it’s integrated into the pool.

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