Impact Of Artificial Intelligence on the BPO Industry after Covid 19

 Since before the spread of the Covid 19 epidemic numerous companies have made attempts to use AI robotizations to automate Business Process Outsourcing Centres( BPO Centres) and numerous futile attempts were made to reduce the mortal pool in this assiduity. But after the epidemic due to the deficit of mortal pool numerous companies had to resort to bringing back half ignited artificial intelligence programmes.

Apple to drive 12,000 jobs in India

Apple plans to generate 12k jobs in India by FY24, investing in local production and manufacturing to increase its market share. Apple, one of the world’s leading technology companies, has announced plans to generate 12,000 new jobs in India by the fiscal year 2024. The company’s commitment to investing in the country’s workforce was announced by Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, … Read more

All about Bachelor of Fine Arts: Course, Eligibility, Curriculum, Job Profiles, Top Institutes, and others

BFA, or Bachelor of Fine Arts, is an undergraduate programme focusing on the visual or performing arts. The programme is also known as Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA), and the study of Visual Arts comprises areas like painting, sculpture, photography, literature, animation, and so on. Performing Arts, on the other hand, includes areas such as dance, theatre, and music. A … Read more