All about Bachelor of Fine Arts: Course, Eligibility, Curriculum, Job Profiles, Top Institutes, and others

BFA, or Bachelor of Fine Arts, is an undergraduate programme focusing on the visual or performing arts. The programme is also known as Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA), and the study of Visual Arts comprises areas like painting, sculpture, photography, literature, animation, and so on.

Performing Arts, on the other hand, includes areas such as dance, theatre, and music. A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree frequently requires the individual to select an area of specialization based on his or her interests.

BFA programmes typically last three to four years and can be pursued full-time, part-time, online, or through distance learning, depending on the candidate’s chosen specialization. A BFA programme educates and reforms individuals’ talents, preparing them to become artists in their chosen fields.

Fine arts graduates have numerous career options, including art teacher, writer, fine artist, actor, art director, etc. Many students nowadays choose a career in the fine arts not only to make a large salary but also to obtain status and prestige.


The course duration for Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is 3 years for which the average course fee is from INR 85K to 6 Lakhs and the average starting salary is INR 2 Lakhs to 9 Lakhs.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who have completed Standard XII in any subject from a recognised board are eligible for the Bachelor of Fine Arts programme. Although no additional defined criteria exist, some universities/colleges may require a minimum percentage (typically 50 – 60%) in Class 12th to get admission to a BFA programme.

Aside from that, students who studied Arts/Humanities in Class 12th and have some basic knowledge of the Fine Arts subject they wish to follow are occasionally given preference at the time of admission.

Skills Required

Students who have an artist hiding within them frequently choose a Fine Arts course. Candidates with a creative bent of mind and an affinity for visual or performing arts, on the other hand, are an excellent fit for the BFA course. Candidates interested in pursuing a BFA programme should have the following essential skills:

Sketching, Visualisation, Artistic, Problem-solving, Drawing, Imaginative, Presentation, Communication.


  • Theory Subjects:

English, Punjabi, Health Education, Environmental Studies, Aesthetics, Human Values and Professional Ethics, Mural, Hindi, Cultural Studies of India, History of Indian Art, Basics of Computer Fundamentals, Design and Communication Practice, Market Research, Visual Graphics

  • Practical Subjects:

Geometry Perspective, Lettering Layout, Painting, Printmaking, Computer Graphics, Communication Design, Market Research, Composition, Sketching and Drawing, Design, Clay Modelling and Sculpture, 2D Art and Design, Communication Illustration, Advertising Art, Visual Arts Process and Practices

  • Specializations:

Painting, Plastic Arts, Textile Design, Drama and Theatre, Calligraphy, Dance, Illustration, Printmaking, Applied Arts, Pottery and Ceramics, Music, Digital Arts, Cartooning, Graphic Designing, Photography, Sculpture

Job Profiles

In India, there are numerous job opportunities for Fine Arts grads. BFA graduates are in high demand in industries such as cinema, television, advertising, animation, publishing, textile, art studios, boutiques, educational institutes, and so on. However, work profiles for BFA graduates differ depending on their chosen speciality.

Some of the most common job profiles are given below:

Fine Artist, Actor, Multimedia Artist, Art Director, Writer, Painter, Graphic Designer, Animator, Art Conservator, Photographer, Musician

Top Institutes

  • Delhi University (Delhi)
  • Amity University (Noida)
  • Chandigarh University (Chandigarh)
  • MIT WPU – World Peace University (Pune)
  • Alliance School of Liberal Arts, Alliance University (Bangalore)
  • Parul University (Vadodara)
  • University of Mumbai (Mumbai)

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