Sangam Literature: The story of Kashi-Tamil Sangam 

You must have heard about the recent “Kashi-Tamil Sangam” hosted in the land of gods, Banaras. Ever heard about one of the oldest surviving literature? Let’s dive deep to find out about the rich Sangam literature and cultural reflections of ancient times.  The Sangam literature, which has historically been referred to as “the poetry of the noble ones,” is the … Read more

Why are Indians so unhappy? Is there a way out?

India still ranks last in the most recent World Happiness Report 2022, which was released by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network of the United Nations. In a study of 146 nations, we placed 136th. This ranking was made based on how people answered the Cantril Ladder of Life Evaluation. In this exercise, participants are asked to picture a ladder from … Read more

Kindness of a Stranger, a scar that still brings up smile… – Part 2

(Please read part one in case you missed it! 👉 ) I fell unconscious but can feel a palm in front of my face that saved my head from banging into the glass case. This was the same gentleman who has shown his concern over my injured leg earlier. I came back to my senses after a few minutes … Read more

Lessons From the Classics: A Christmas Carol.

Charles Dickens probably had no clue when he released his novella A Christmas Carol in 1843 that it would become a Christmas tradition for almost 200 years. Some people might dismiss the book as nothing more than the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a self-centered miser who receives a visit from four ghosts on Christmas Eve. These visitors force Scrooge to … Read more