Any person or firm or entity that invests its capital in any source with the expectation of receiving returns in the future is known as an investor. Investment activities are rising at an increasing rate all over the world. As people are becoming aware of their future needs, they are resorting to investing more and more capital for future returns. There are various types of investors, some are risk takers and others are risk averse. Investors all over the world think from different perspectives before investing. So, in this article, we would know about the types of investors that exist over the world.

Colonial laws that still exist in India

Our nation was dominated by the British for hundreds of years, and they brought about a great deal of positive and negative development. Before the non-British rule, there were no laws or regulations in our country, but after the British arrived, there were many laws, regulations, and decrees. Even after 75 years of independence, some of the laws remain in effect. In this article, we would discuss the colonial rule that still exists in India.

Narco Analysis Test – Is it Legal in India?

The Narco analysis test has always been the most impugned topic amongst the legal fraternity, media and the common people. Narco analysis test is a truth finding test, in this test the subject is given an injection of a drug, TRUTH SERUM which helps in neutralising the subjects imagination. Narco test is just like brain mapping or in layman’s language we can say that it is used as a lie detector.