India’s Eurasian Policy: A Continental Strategy

The Ukrainian crisis has changed the dynamics in International relations and with the growing proximity between China and Russia, the geopolitical significance of Eurasia has increased. The Indo-Pacific policy and Eurasian Policy are the two most crucial aspects of India’s foreign policy. The Indo-Pacific policy establishes India’s maritime geopolitics and Eurasia’s policy will build a continental strategy.

National Board of Accreditation: A Focused path towards Future

The National Board of Accreditation was initially established under the act of AICTE IN 1994 to assess the standard of education offered by institutions for engineering, technical courses, hospitality, applied arts and crafts, pharmacy, and management programs offered in India. NBA came into existence as an autonomous body in 2010 and the Memorandum of Association and Rules of NBA was amended in 2013 by which it establishes its independence in its functioning: financially as well as a decision-making body