Why Indian Rupees Falling?

There are different Reasons behind why the Indian rupee falls. The Indian money is known as the rupee and the worth of the rupee is impacted by different variables like expansion rate, unfamiliar trade framework, and so forth. The principal justification for the shortcoming of the Indian rupee is the rising import/export imbalance, absence of trust by unfamiliar financial backers and withdrawal in the securities exchange.

Making Rupee International

What is international currency ? A currency that is used and kept outside the borders of the issuing nation is known as an international currency. This includes transactions between non-residents as well as transactions with inhabitants of the issuing nation. In other words, whether the transaction in issue involves the acquisition of goods, services, or financial assets, an international currency … Read more

Zero Rupee Notes

Every day, people use money in one way or another to buy and sell goods and services. All of us must have known about and used the currency ranging from one rupee to two thousand rupees, but only some of us would have been aware that there are zero rupee notes too. Therefore, let us understand what are these zero-rupee … Read more

Where is money printed in India? 

Money is anything used as a medium of exchange in the form of paper money and coins. In today’s world, where digital currency is also deeply rooted, paper money and bills are still used by many people. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), also known as the apex institution, has the sole authority to issue money in India. The RBI … Read more

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das warns of south Asian debt distress

According to central bank governor Shaktikanta Das, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Union government are in talks with some South Asian nations to facilitate cross-border trading in rupees. The governor of India’s central bank voiced concern about the rising levels of debt distress among his country’s trading partners in the area and said he was aware of potential threats a global slowdown posed to his nation’s economy.