Why does Pakistan’s security situation keep worsening

The Pakistani military establishment’s well-known policy of using terrorist acts as a tool of its neighbourhood strategic plan is backfiring and worsening Pakistan’s security situation. On January 30, a suicide attack aimed a masjid in Peshawar, having killed over 90 people, the majority of whom were police officers. According to Pakistani media reports, the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has disassociated with … Read more

Women’s Life: Under Taliban Rule and Pressure

China and Iran have urged mutual neighbour Afghanistan to end restrictions on women’s work and education. The call came in a joint statement Thursday issued at the close of a visit to Beijing by Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi during which the two sides affirmed close economic and political ties and their rejection of Western standards of human rights and democracy. … Read more

Pakistan’s Karachi is the scene of a Taliban terrorist attack that results in 4 deaths.

The most populous metropolis in Pakistan, Karachi, was invaded by well-armed Pakistani Taliban militants on Friday. The gunfire that resulted from the raid left two rebels and two other people dead. This was the most heinous assault on security forces in the wake of increased terror strikes across the nation. In Pakistan’s Karachi, four hours after the horrific attack on … Read more

The Rise of TTP in Pakistan

The grief of the Peshawar attack is going to last forever in Pakistan. Yesterday a mosque in Peshawar was attacked by a suicide bomber in which more than 80 people were killed. This is not the first tragedy faced by our neighboring nation. 

Bombing outside the Foreign Ministry in Afghanistan

Dozens were killed in a suicide bombing outside the Kabul Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Police said at least five civilians were killed, but another Taliban official said the number was up to 20. A local branch of the Islamic State group known as ISIS–K claimed to have carried out the attack. It comes after recent explosions aimed at foreign … Read more