Exit Polls 2023: NPP likely to hold onto power in Meghalaya; BJP expected to return to power in Tripura and Nagaland

Highlights from the exit polls in Tripura, Meghalaya, and Nagaland on February 27 and 28, 2023 According to exit poll results for the elections held in the states of Tripura, Meghalaya, and Nagaland in February, the BJP is expected to keep Tripura and retake control of Nagaland alongside the union partner (NDPP) National Democratic Progressive Party. The party expects to … Read more

Before the election results, the Election Commission will host peace sessions throughout Tripura.

Election Commission officials claimed that they would conduct “peace talks” on February 27 and February 28, fearing that there might be a “law and order situation issue” after the results of the election in the northeastern state of Tripura are announced in March. The Election Commission announced that it would conduct peace meetings on Monday and Tuesday to prevent any … Read more