1 in 7 UK Residents Starved last year due to High Inflation

1 in 7 UK Residents Starved last year due to High Inflation

Despite being the sixth-largest global economy, the people of Britain have been facing significant challenges due to prolonged high inflation. This inflationary pressure has surpassed the growth in wages for a vast majority of workers for over a year.

A recent report from the Trussell Trust, a food bank charity, reveals that approximately one in seven individuals in the United Kingdom experienced food insecurity last year due to financial constraints.

The report indicates that this translates to approximately 11.3 million people, surpassing the population of Scotland, and is attributed to a malfunctioning social security system and an ongoing cost of living crisis.

Despite being the world’s sixth-largest economy, citizens in the UK have endured persistent pressures stemming from high inflation that has exceeded wage growth for the majority of workers for more than a year.

According to government forecasts, households in the UK are currently facing the most significant two-year decline in living standards since comparable records began in the 1950s.

1 in 7 UK Residents Starved last year due to High Inflation
1 in 7 UK Residents faced Starvation in 2022 due to high inflation. credit: universityofsheffield

Food Support provided

In response to these challenges, the Trussell Trust’s extensive network of 1,300 food bank centers across the country witnessed a notable surge in demand. They provided a record-breaking 3 million food parcels between March of the previous year and March of the current year, marking a 37% increase and more than double the amount supplied five years ago.

The Trussell Trust emphasizes that this consistent upward trend highlights the underlying issues within the social security system as the driving force behind the need for food banks, rather than solely attributing it to the pandemic or the cost of living crisis.

Although 7% of the UK population relied on charitable food support, including food banks, it is concerning that 71% of individuals facing hunger had not yet accessed any form of charitable food assistance.

The Trussell Trust’s report further highlights that one in five individuals seeking assistance from food banks within its network come from working households. Consequently, the charity urges the UK government to ensure that the benefits system adequately covers essential expenses.

Government’s Efforts

In response to the report, a spokesperson from the Department for Work and Pensions acknowledged the challenges faced by people and emphasized the government’s efforts in providing significant financial support, averaging £3,300 ($4,206) per household.

The government has taken steps such as raising benefits and the state pension in line with inflation, increasing the minimum wage, and providing support for families with essential costs like food and energy.

However, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s goal of halving overall inflation by 2023, before a potential 2024 election, has faced obstacles due to persistently high food inflation. This inflationary pressure outpaces the general inflation rate in the broader economy, further straining household budgets already burdened by higher taxes and mortgage rates.

Latest Updates

Based on the latest available official data, food and drink inflation reached 18.3% in May and 14.6% in June, as per industry data.

In response to allegations of profiteering during the cost of living crisis, British supermarket executives have rejected the claims, asserting that they are not exploiting consumers.

Soaring food prices have played a significant role in the current severe strain on living standards in the UK, which is considered the most substantial squeeze since records began in the 1950s.

Consequently, questions have arisen regarding accountability for these price increases. Trade unions and politicians have accused supermarkets of “greedflation,” contending that they have been slow in passing on reduced producer prices to consumers.

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