A massive earthquake hit in Himalaya region

After a massive earthquake hit in turkey Afghanistan, Pakistan by  magnitude of 6.6 richer scale a massive earthquake soon will hit in  Himalayan region anytime by national geophysical research institute  (NGRL) Scientist. Dr.N. Purnachandra Rao. Japan, Nepal, India is 3- largest country which is active seismic prone zone. 

Image Source: physics.aps.org

Western Himalayan is one of the dangerous seismic zone The  Himalayan region is stretch from Arunachala Pradesh this region is fall  under seismic zone (very severe in tensity zone), making it tough to mark  any specific area . 

The earth is made of several innumerous tectonic plate that are  continuously in motion, one of plate is Indian plate which roughly shifting  50cm every year, cause tension beneath along the Himalayas region.

We have a strong network of 1880 seismograph station Uttarakhand we are mentioning situation in real time with GPS network in that area.th  region referred to as seismic gap between Himachal & western part of  Nepal including Uttarakhand is prone to earthquake reach margining of 8  richer scale that might occur at any time. 

The magnitude of disaster may depend on several factors like  geographic area, population, construction quality. It stated the at an  earthquake similar to magnitude of that like turkey is likely to occur but  can’t predict the exact date & time. 

According to expert Himalaya come in to existence as a result of  collision between India & Eurasian plate. due to constant pressure of the  Eurasian plate on the Indian plate, strained energy accumulating under it  keeps accumulating under its keep releasing itself from time in the form  of earthquake. 

Occurrence of earthquake due to accumulation of strained energy under  the Himalaya, is a normal and rent less process .the entire Himalayan  region is highly vulnerable to tremors and the strong possibility of a major  earthquake. 

Need to ready during earthquake: 

In wake of recent earthquake, the need for better preparation to  minimize the damage to life and property. The construction should be  earthquake resistance people should be aware of what should be done  before earthquake, or at the time of occurrence.

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