A Trip to Rajasthan

A Trip to Rajasthan

Let’s move for a long trip. Just imagine a hot desert area,a pink city jaipur ,city of lakes Udaipur, jaiselmer and state having numerous mahal and forts,popular for destination wedding, popular tourist attractions place hawa mahal ,palace and popular dish daal batti?

If you  are guessing rajasthan so you are right. Here I’m presenting a couple in jodhpuri suit and lady in rajasthani colorful saree with beautiful embroideries the speciality of jodhpuri suit it can be wore in various functions and ceremonies which gives a royal feeling. If we go in detailing here it is rajasthani turban and suit in dark blue color and royal button, both Male and female wore beautiful ornaments and work in saree gives complete a perfect match with royal looks.

Below the coat there is pajama and legs having nagra shoe ,over their overall we can compliment as glamorous dress. Usually rajasthan known for unique culture and traditions and rich heritage site. Even jodhpuri suit popularly wore as official dress in LBSNAA tranning period of I.A.S officer.

A jodhpuri suit or bandhgala suit,is a formal suit from India, it originated from jodhpur state and popularized in 19th and 20th century in India it consist of coat and trousers sometimes accomplished with vest and bring together a shorter cut and hand embroidery escorted by the waist coat.it is suited for occasion like wedding and formal gatherings.

The material can be silk or other suiting material normally material lined with collar at bottoms with embroidery these can be plain, jackquard or jarewali material normally that trouser match that  coat. There is also trend to wear,contrasting trousers to match coat colors.

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Angarkha is consider is predecessor of bandhgala, an angarkha was a traditional court outfit in ancient and classical india that person could wrap comfortably around  himself offering flexibe  ease with knots and ties.bandhgala emerged as shorten version of achkan. Bandgala became popular in formal and semi formal uniform across rajasthan or eventually throughout India. Designer Wendell rodricks observed that formal wear such as bandhgala are evolution of a costume legacy that fom 6000 year older although unlike indigenous European style men’s skirts,eastern style pants worn with it.



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