All you should know about Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) under NEP

Under the New Education Policy (NEP), the Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) is a concept aimed at giving freedom to students to study across various academic institutions using a facility termed “credit transfer” mechanism from one program to another leading to attaining a degree/diploma/PG diploma upon completing the necessary assessments.


A Simple Guide to UGC Academic Bank of Credits
Source Credit: IPSR Solutions

Enrolling for ABC gives a student the following benefits:

  • It allows the students to take multiple entry and exit points thereby providing flexibility of time to perhaps take a break in between for other appointments and come back to complete the remaining course to earn a degree.
  • It enables students to store their credits for at least 7 years which gives them ample time to choose and decide what they would like to go for since there is no time limitation as seen in the traditional curriculum being used currently.
  • It also allows the transfer of credit through a single window only after the approval of the source and destination academic institution, therefore, reducing the chance of discrepancies.
  • It only permits verified academic institutions to upload credits hence leading to a reduction in fraud.
  • Finally, it improves transparency and helps to build a more flexible approach to curriculum design and development which gives a student a flexible and comprehensive learning experience which goes on help them gain knowledge in their field(s) of choice.


The process to apply for ABC is as follows: 


This process involves assigning several credits to qualifications, degree programs or single educational components. Credits are allocated to entire qualifications or programs according to respective universities or Autonomous institutions participating in the ABC scheme.


A student accumulates credits to obtain qualifications, as required by the degree-awarding institution, or to document personal achievements for lifelong learning purposes.


The act of formally granting students and other learners the credits that are assigned to the qualification and/or its components if they achieve the defined learning outcomes. Credits are awarded to individual students after they have completed the required learning activities and achieved the defined learning outcomes, as evidenced by appropriate assessment.

A Simple Guide to UGC Academic Bank of Credits
Source Credit: IPSR Solutions

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