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Are Video Games often blamed for causing violence?

Are Video Games often blamed for causing violence?

Studies have shown no connection between video games and violent behavior. The American Psychological Association states that while there is a well-established link between violent video games and aggressive behaviors, empirical research finds there is little to no evidence connecting violence to video games.

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In the last 20 years many things have changed in our life, especially after the electronic renaissance. Not only social media affects our life but video games do as well, many people believe that these games’ effects are bad to health, but many of these people think that these games can change people, make them go crazy or even killers, specially violent video games, they think that the game would turn into reality. Although they have point, a lot of people disagree with them. 

I think that video games don’t promote aggression even the violent one. The society has bigger problems to solve and comparing them to video games, I feel that the video games problem is a silly one, people kill each other because of the wrong polices, not a silly game. No, I don’t feel like action games are to be blamed for the violence which occurs in real life.

Negative Effects-

First and foremost kids shouldn’t be allowed to play the games which are rated M to begin with like Grand Theft Auto and many more titles out in the market.

Secondly there have been movies which had loads of violence before games like GTA even came out in the market and there were scenarios in the USA where you’d see mass shootings both in schools and in public places.

I guess it’s easy to blame games rather than doing something about people with messed up minds and that’s what the media did around the times of GTA III and GTA IV.

Obviously when things went to court, nothing happened to video games and I’m glad that’s the case.

Countries like the USA should do something about gun laws instead of blaming video games whenever mass shootings happen in their country.

If you can be okay with movies having violence and action scenes then one should be okay with video games as well in my opinion.

Video Games in USA

He used the example that there are countries sales violent video games more than USA; yet, they are much safer than USA. So the problem is not with the video games, the problem is with the government and how they deal with the teenagers and the guns.

He says that we shouldn’t ignore the millions of players that did not kill anyone or did not become murders, and concentrate on few guys who turned to be killers because of the violent video games. In his essay (Violent Video Games Can Desensitize Players and Increase Aggression), the writer George Drinka is discussing the video games issues, he gave several examples about studies show that the video games may cause effect to the person and make his mind sick because of the violence. Yet, many other people plays video games without any harm to anyone and they are living a normal


On the basis of these analyses, the authors concluded that violent video game play is positively associated with aggressive behavior, aggressive cognition, and aggressive affect, as well as negatively associated with empathy for victims of violence and with prosocial behavior.

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