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If you enjoy watching movies and television shows, you may feel that this is the finest way to pass the time. However, finding good movies might take some time because some are excellent but have low ratings, while others are terrible yet receive high ratings. Consequently, how to choose quality films. Don’t stress, let us handle this, though. Simply get everything ready, invite your family and friends, and savor the most memorable moments of your life.

The finest entertainment is shared laughter, and comedy movies don’t make you feel guilty for laughing till your stomach hurts. So let’s look at some of the top comedies from 2013.

1- where the miller (comedy, crime)

David, a drug dealer, is forced by his boss to smuggle drugs out of Mexico. He employs a stripper, a petty thief and a teenage neighbor. He sets up a fake family to help him smuggle the drugs.


Rotten tomatoes:49%

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2- The way way back (comedy)

Teenager Duncan, who is reserved, goes to his mother’s boyfriend’s beach cottage. He sneaks out to a nearby water park out of frustration and encounters Owen, who helps him open up to the outside world.


Rotten tomatoes:84%

Youtube link: 

3-Clear history(comedy)

In order to avoid being exposed in front of the public, a discredited marketing executive runs away and assumes a new identity. However, he plans to get revenge on his former employer when he discovers him in the same town.


Rotten tomatoes:61%

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4-Begin again(comedy music)

Greta, a rising composer, is left on her own after her lover breaks up with her. When Dave, a music manager, recognises her potential, she discovers her real calling.


Rotten tomatoes: 83%

Youtube link: 

5-Go Goa Goan(comedy horror)

Three buddies from Goa choose to party on a deserted island. The following morning, however, they discover that they are marooned and besieged by flesh-eating zombies.


Rotten tomatoes:67%

Youtube link: 

6-The to do list(comedy, romance)

High school student Brandy excels in all subjects except sex education. She asks her sister and a friend to assist her in creating a to-do list so she may learn more.


Rotten tomatoes:56%

Youtube link: 

7-The world ends(comedy, science fiction)

Five friends travel back to their hometown in an effort to finish the legendary pub crawl that was started 20 years earlier. However, they are unwittingly tasked with preserving humanity. 


Rotten tomatoes: 89%

Youtube link: 

8-Delivery men(comedy, drama)

An elderly slacker who was once a sperm donor learns he is the biological father of 533 children; 142 of these kids then pursue a lawsuit to have their names made public.


Rotten tomatoes:40%

Youtube link: 

9-This is the end(comedy, fantasy)

Other celebs attend a party that James Franco holds at his home, but things quickly turn bad as unfortunate things start to happen.


Rotten tomatoes: 83%

Youtube link: 

10-The Internship (comedy)

Billy and Nick, two salespeople, discover themselves jobless in the digital age. They do an internship at Google and attempt to outperform several techies to show their worth.


Rotten tomatoes: 35%

Youtube link: 


The finest comedy of 2013 was this. I hope you treasure the time spent with your loved ones. The ones that link you to these individuals and forge close bonds with them are movies.

The best moment of your life will be this time spent at home with a particular someone.

So, have a good time while sticking together.

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