Scammers are using different methods to loot people by sending captivating fake emails, text messages, and fake calls and tricking people to give sensitive information about their bank accounts, for example, Debit card / Credit Cards details, OTP for transactions, and to follow their malicious links or website. A person who doesn’t have any clue about these online fishing attacks gets looted easily.

In the modern era of tech, the dependency on the internet is growing rapidly among people. Now people are doing money transactions through online mediums like Payment Gateways, UPI, Internet Banking, etc. The Internet made money transactions smoothly compared to traditional mediums.

But, the revolution of the Internet also changed the patterns of thugs. Now they are using different patterns to loot people. Innocent people are getting robbed by the honey of greed.

They are Untraceable

They use Untraceable mobile and sim cards for hiding their identities. Now they use the dark web for the collection of sensitive data of users. They used that data to make calls and emails then they used the same data for loots. People easily accept the offer’s made by scammers and gets lured by them.

WhatsApp Scam Business

WhatsApp has 2 billion daily active users in the world. WhatsApp is used by scammers to trick people and grabbed money because of as it is a strong medium to reach many people. Nowadays, people are getting many international calls from different country codes starting from starting at +16, +63, +60, and many more. These tricks are used to hack data and steal money from people.

A job offer scam is also circulating on WhatsApp to lure people.

Steps regarding for protection from Scammers

·        Do not reply to unauthenticated E-mails.

·        Never share any credentials related to bank accounts.

·        Do not share any OTP with anyone for any kind of Activity.

·         Never answer and call back any calls that have a different country code.

·        Report or block these calls.

·        Use two-factor Authenticator in WhatsApp.


Internet made life convenient as well as some hectic. People need more awareness of using Internet and they need to learn how to save themselves from scammers. Never be trapped in any false information that leads to you in trouble.

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