Concerns of Indians with regard to Adani and his Companies

Having found the issues put forward by the Hindenburg report, the Adani Group has responded that it is all a matter of false conglomerates, “it was exploring legal action against the research firm, calling Hindenburg’s report “maliciously mischievous,” “bogus” and “unresearched” said Adani Group on Thursday as a response to it. The investor trusts in India are highly in the hands of doubt, whether or not the economy will rise back to normalcy.

The Adani group with their investments in roads, rails, airports and power is now a crucial fuel through which India’s economic ambitions are met under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The close relation between Adani and Modi have been existing since decades. This indeed has been a boost up for the rise in Economic investments in India. On the other side, if Adani government didn’t exist, then gradually the Indian government would have had to invent him. The model of development which is taken by India requires risk-taking, for this national champion like Adani is an important icon in the country.

Adani’s companies are the first choice as partners in the multiple sectors, they are not just about having entrusted with a wide range of India’s infrastructure. India’s economy works in such a way that everything is done by Adani group. The building of solar panels, bringing new rails and transportation, weapons to meet the security of the nation etc. 

The concern of Indians is not where the capital is heading to in the hands of Adani Group, as it is not facing any shortage of capital. It can achieve its ends as it has abundance of capital. India’s sole concern today is with regard to the implementation capacity, for it is here that India stands first from behind. This is where Adani comes in, this group has promised to supply the implementation capacity which Indian government lacks. Power in the name “Adani” for Indian Economy development

Gautam Adani surpasses Mukesh Ambani in personal wealth – here are all the  21 companies he owns | GQ India

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There are no other champions than Gautam Adani in Modi’s India with this confidence in government support. Adani has all the abilities to develop the Indian economy; ability to navigate complex regulations and willingness to risk enormous amount of money. There are statements that Adani is too big to fail, it comes that other way around; he is too unique to fail. The concern for India is not from where the money comes, it is about how productively it is spent for the country’s progress.

In conclusion, Adani Group’s failure will be the failure of the entire nation and his victory will overpower the nation’s position in various sectors than other countries.

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