Controversy over Tamil Nadu’s Name Change

In response to speculation that he had proposed changing the name of the state with his recent comments on “Tamizhagam,” Tamil Nadu Governor RN Ravi today deemed it “erroneous and far-fetched.”

Controversy over Tamil Nadu’s Name Change
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Remarks were not rightly comprehended, Mr. Ravi

Mr. Ravi provided clarification on the contentious remark that sparked the “Tamil Nadu vs Tamizhagam” discussion, claiming that those who made the implication did so “without comprehending” the rationale behind his remarks. The Governor issued a statement saying, “An interpretation or conclusion that it was a recommendation to change the name of Tamil Nadu is erroneous and far-fetched. He claimed that when discussing the “historical cultural relationship between the Tamil people and Kashi,” he used the term “Tamizhagam.” There was no Tamil Nadu back then, he claimed. Therefore, I used the word Tamizhagam as a more acceptable expression in the historical and cultural context, stated Mr. Ravi.

Tamizhagam is for infiltrators- Critics.

While Tamizhagam refers to the “home of the Tamil people,” Tamil Nadu denotes “the nation of Tamils.” Many would interpret the Tamil word “Nadu,” which means “land,” as referring to an independent state in India. According to critics, it supports those who promote the idea that Tamil Nadu is not a fundamental component of India.

Arguments between CM Ravi & DMK

The remarks created a significant argument, with Mr. Ravi being accused of supporting the BJP-RSS agenda by the state’s ruling DMK. The hashtag #GetOutRavi has been trending on Twitter as the ruling MLAs in the state assembly yelled “Quit Tamil Nadu” shouts in the assembly against Mr. Ravi. The reason why he was referred to as “Thamizhaga aazhunar” or “Governor of Tamizhagam” in the Tamil translation of the Governor’s home Raj Bhavan’s invitation for Pongal celebrations is still a mystery.

Tamil Nadu Day

Since 1967, when the DMK and AIADMK have alternated in power, the preservation of Tamil culture and language has been a top priority for succeeding state governments. The state protested the “imposition” of Hindi in education in 1966 when the three-language formula, which meant that Hindi would be taught in schools of South Indian states, was introduced.

November 1 was earlier proclaimed as Tamil Nadu Day by the AIADMK administration. Following appeals from several parties, Edappadi K. Palaniswami, who was the Chief Minister in 2019, declared that Tamil Nadu Day would be marked on November 1. However, M K Stalin, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, proclaimed July 18 to be the state’s founding day in 2021.

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