In a recent discovery, paleontologists discovered 92 herbivorous Titanosaur nests and 256 fossilized Titanosaur eggs in the Dhar area of Madhya Pradesh’s Narmada Valley, according to the Economic Times. One of the largest dinosaurs known is the titanosaur.

According to the most recent discovery, the Narmada Valley was a location for dinosaur spawning millions of years ago. This is not the first time a discovery of this kind has been unearthed, as other paleontologists have discovered dinosaur nests and eggs in the MP district of Jabalpur and the Gujarat town of Balasinor. A group of paleontologists from the Indian Institute of Science at Mohanpur-Kolkata, Bhopal, and Delhi Science Education and Research did fieldwork in various villages in the Bagh and Kukshi districts of the Dhar district.

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Strong evidence suggests that the Titanosaurs either traveled specifically to this region of the Narmada Valley to lay their eggs or that the eggs were also hatched there. Lead researcher Dhiman claimed that the eggs they found displayed indicators of both hatching and not having been hatched. He claimed that no bones had been found and that additional research would require a tiny CT scan.

The nests were located in close proximity to one another in the Narmada valley. These dinosaurs produced eggs that ranged in size from 15 to 17 centimeters. Dhiman claimed that each nest had one to twenty eggs.

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