When a child is born, they don’t know much about the world they are born in. They enjoy their childhood playing, enjoying in whatever way they can, and developing a perspective about the world they live in. Eventually, they realize this world is not what they think it to be.

Fight! Fight! Fight! But Why?
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Harsh Realities are what they start to face, realizing getting a degree is more important in this world than getting knowledge, having millions of followers on social media is more important than getting a bunch of real friends, and being judged on grades is what makes the perception about someone. We prepare ourselves for the competitive world we are going to face, those who do not want to fight are kind of outcasted from the race and are believed to be left behind in life some do.

In history, a person used to get a fast heartbeat, sweaty palms, and high adrenal rush; only when he/ she approached a war but today when a person is going for an exam they feel the same. Do we know that the world changes with time, but is this positive?

We complete our schooling, trying to understand exactly how this world works, some people do and some people don’t. Then, we fight to get into a good, reputed college as if just getting into it will make our life peaceful, then also our fight isn’t over. We get a job and work hard to get a promotion, unknowingly participating in a competition.

Why do we fight? To get a good life? And what exactly means a “good life”? A life with a balanced physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual aspect. All this fighting for what? To get “Peace” and “Happiness”.

Now the question is if all we want is Happiness then why do we always have to fight? Why can’t we just enjoy life from the very moment itself, Why wait for some time in our life( which we are not sure will come or not), Why not just start living and, not fighting for some materialistic thing that will perish after our death?

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“Life is a journey, it’s okay to focus your eyes on your goal but remember to enjoy it because though you might reach your goal, your journey will end at some point. And when it does, you will regret not enjoying the journey more than reaching your goal.”

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