Final challenge before WTC!

Border Gavaskar Trophy between India-Australia started in the name of Allan Border and Sunil Gavaskar in 1996.The Border Gavaskar Trophy was last played in Australia in the year 2020-21 which was won by India.  A total of 15 times have been played so far.  Border Gavaskar Trophy, out of which India won the country 9 times and Australia 5 times, this series was drawn once.For the last three times, India has maintained its dominance in this series.  2016-17, 18-19 and 20-21 three times India has won this trophy.  Out of which Australia has been defeated in Australia for the last 2 times.Due to a car accident, Rishabh Pant, who was the hero of last year’s Border Gavaskar Trophy, will not be able to participate in the finals of either the Border Gavaskar Trophy or the World Test Championship this time.

This time the Border Gavaskar Trophy is going to be very interesting because India has won this trophy for the last three times and this time at least India will have to win this series 2-1.  Only then India will be able to play in the final of the World Test Championship. And Australia will be keen to avenge their losses in the last three trophies and have already made it to the final of the World Test Championship. 

The final of the last World Test Championship was India vs New Zealand, in which New Zealand defeated India. Despite a day ruined by rain, New Zealand displayed their brilliant game and quickly achieved their target by all-out India.  New Zealand, showing its dominance, won the World Test Championship for the first time.

Border Gavaskar trophy will not be so easy

We are saying this because there are many in-form players in the front team, even though this series is happening in India, but many Australian players have experience of playing in India because of the IPL, so the batsmen there also like Indian pitches.  In such a situation, when the Indian team will face Pat Cummins, Steve Smith and David Warner, it will not be easy to win, but the team led by Rohit Sharma will have to work hard to win this series.


If Sri Lanka’s next series against New Zealand in New Zealand is lost 2-0, then India will have to win only one Test match in this series as South Africa will win two Test matches against West Indies. Even then his marks would remain 52.38% and he would be out of the World Test Championship.

So the loss of Sri Lanka can prove to be beneficial for India.  Rest we should keep our full preparation.  Should win this series and face whatever challenge comes in the World Test Championship.

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