Florida: A man, detained for walking naked in the streets, claims to be from a “different Earth”.

On March 8th, police in Palm Beach, Florida, detained a 44-year-old male for loitering in the streets while unclothed. The authorities took him into custody after he claimed he was from a “different Earth”. The police charged him with several crimes, including disorderly conduct, indecent exposure, and passive resistance to an officer. 

The speculative idea of a multiverse has frequently enthralled marvel supporters. It appears as though the reality in the United States was imitating art this week, as a Florida man, arrested for wandering the streets naked, claimed that he is from a “different earth.” 

The 44-year-old man was detained on March 8th in Palm Beach, Florida, according to a report by CBS 12. He was discovered walking down the street naked.

What Was The Course Of The Incident?

At approximately nine o’clock in the evening (local time) on March 8th, Wednesday, a Taboo employee contacted the police to report seeing a white man walking past the establishment in the 200 block of Worth Avenue while fully exposed.

When the officers arrived and questioned him, he claimed he had no idea where he had left his clothes and would not provide a location. Even worse, he claimed he lacked a social security number and a state-issued ID card.

The authorities took him to the Palm Beach Police Department, where police later learned the older man’s name was Jason Smith. He was strolling through the streets with nothing covering his body, including his genitalia. 

According to a report on Mr. Smith’s arrest, he allegedly told police that he resided on a “different earth,” WPEC reported. Later, he informed the authorities that he lived in West Palm Beach.

Smith was charged with three criminal offenses, including one count each of disorderly behavior, indecent exposure, and passively resisting an officer. 

He is currently in the Palm Beach County jail.

Identical Occurrences

According to an article by NBC Miami, a man was detained in Florida last year after being discovered having a bath in a home he had allegedly broken into after a night of drinking.

On Christmas Day, his nude body was discovered in the bathtub. The apprehended man, Levi Sholing, admitted to the officers that he believed it was the Airbnb where he was staying.

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