Germany to Enter into the Silicon Valley Job Market as Labor Shortages Shoot up

Germany which is notably the largest economy in Europe continues to struggle as they find difficulty in meeting requirements for labor. There is a huge gap in the country for software engineers, for which they are trying to hire thousands of top talented people from Silicon Valley. The chief people officer at Cariad, the software subsidiary of the automaker, Volkswagen said “they fire, we hire”. The United States west coast has always been a hotspot for ambitious software engineers looking for better jobs, but in recent times many of them were being fired. 

Germany has come forward with a win-win league that would provide opportunities to an ample number of employees. A total of 40,000 jobs have been cut by tech giants such as Meta, Google, and Microsoft, on fears of a recession and rising inflation. Germany needs to protect itself by making massive technological leads by opening the doors of the country for immigrants to come in so that they can secure the country’s economic sector from further breakage and restore it to its original position.

While Germany is also on the edge of recession, its companies have grown more slowly in recent years, and in such a country like Germany where which is on the top for handling business by fax, there are still tonnes of technological developments to be made. Germany which is one of the world’s largest countries in terms of population has holes in its labor force that need to be closed with the technological abridgment.

                     Economic status of Germany for the past years

Top economics news January 2023: World Bank warns global economy could tip  into recession | World Economic Forum
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The government is looking over the rules which can bring in immigrants and increase the flow of immigrants to the country. It decides to liberalize the immigration rules and criteria for the entering of immigrants which would in turn contribute to the economic status of the country. There is also competition with the euro from the side of the dollar.

There are challenges rising in the country on a daily basis, such as red tape. Most companies are already reporting months-long delays in taking up the appointments of newly hired people to get work permits, this can result in losing the employees who were ready to work in the country, as the process is delayed.

In conclusion, it is clearly evident that the country faces a tight labour shortage which in turn makes them to look forward for employees or workers from other IT based firms to come forward and work in their country to meet the unintended shortage in the economic sector.

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