There are eight golden rules which really help the designer solve their problems. We must understand and learn about this golden rule by one of the famous authors  Ben Schneiderman. In this article, we are going to discuss the Golden rules and Heuristics. Let’s get discuss this in detail.

What is Heuristic Design?

It is a fast and practical way to detect the problem and solve too. It is helpful to make decisions in the design process. It systematically captures the design usability. as an expert you can go with the checklist of criteria to find out the problems and flaws. It is helpful to take into account cognitive psychology to understand the rules and try to study the user, to make them near to their goals.

Golden rules and Heuristics


Consistency is a matter regarding action we should be required in a similar situation.

Use of Shortcuts

It is important to understand the frequency of use increases and to reduce the number of interactions for the increase in interaction. Meanwhile, you must know the abbreviation, function keys, hidden commands, and so on.

Useful Feedback

There is some system feedback which is informative too. For minor actions the response can be modest on the other side for the major action the response should be more effective and indirect.

Design Structure

It should be organized into groups with a beginning, middle, and ending. It gives the satisfaction of accomplishment and relief from their minds. It is a clear copy to prepare for the next actions in the process.

Error Handling

You must be designed the system so that the user cannot make a serious error if an error is done by them the system should be detected immediately or handle the error in a compressive manner.

Reversal of Actions

It may be a single action of revolution for the time tree or complete any other group of actions if the users can undo the errors.

Support Internal System

If you are an experienced operator you come to know that the system responds to their actions.

Reduction of the short-term memory

The short-term memory required that display be kept as simple as and should be consolated, and window frequency must be reduced. Hence sufficient training should be necessary for courts and the sequence of actions.


Subsequently, these are eight rules which are really helpful and proposed by the author and taken as a clear guideline that allows you to make your audit and detect the problems that you may encounter in the process of the interface. You can be able to use all these rules in an effective manner to detect problems.

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