World needs more energy than ever and also addressing the co2 emission that impact on  environment .so we need to shift to sustainable energy that meet the future requirement from pollution free society with cost efficient.

Although hydrogen powered technology is still infancy is some countries still believing that this technology is used in limited basis, but India accepting this technology is early  sign of developing countries with initiative of adopting green technology. 



Hydrogen is easy and basic element with light weight than helium found in the atmosphere that  each molecule of water has 2 atom water for every hydrogen atom. It can be separate from several process  like electrolysis process and steam reforming etc. 

Working: Technology of hydrogen propulsion system is the fuel cell. In this process convert  chemical energy within hydrogen in order to generate electricity as well as water and heat. The electricity  is produced by infused hydrogen in the electric generate motor. The efficiency of converting electricity to  hydrogen and back again is just 30% roughly similar to contemporary diesel engine but less than  conventional diesel engine. 

Fig: Hydrogen separation process
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Fig: Hydrogen separation process using electrolysis byproduct water 
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There is zero emission of carbon-di-oxide in this process with 3times cost efficient than internal  combustion engine. They can run on the existing rail infrastructure without addition can run long range of up to 1000km at speed of 140k/hour between refueling. It is 10times farther than battery .it has long asset life compared to provide smooth  driving experience and low noise level with exhaust of water 

Fig: hydro flex using renewable energy
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Hydrogen fuel cell are promising alternative to current automobile fuels. They essentially combine the energy density and convenience of liquid fuel with clean and efficient operation of electric  vehicle. Although certain aspect of technology still require some improvement there is no reason why  hydrogen could not become equally convenient attraction transportation fuel than diesel.

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