“I can’t score 95%” 10th class student write in her suicide note

“I can’t score 95%” 10th class student write in her suicide note

Is there an invisible pressure of scoring high that is forcing them to take their life? A girl in Rajasthan hanged herself after writing “Sorry Mummy-Papa(Mom-Dad), I can’t score 95%.” But her parents are saying we haven’t put any pressure on her. Then where does this pressure come from and why are we so clueless about it?

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This is a case from Rajasthan where a girl named Khushboo who was a student of the 10th class, hanged herself on 2nd March 2023. Her 10th board exams were going to start on 16th January. According to her teachers, she was so intelligent in her studies, there was no reason for her to be in stress.

“I am sorry papa mummy, merese nahi ho payega mai nahi bana paati shayad 95%. Mai pareshan ho gayi hun is 10th class se. Merese ab aur nahi saha jaata. I love you papa mummy and Rishabh. I am so sorry.” (I am sorry mom dad, I can’t do this, I can’t score 95%. I am very stressed from this 10th class. I can’t do this anymore. I love you mom dad and Rishabh. I am so sorry). She wrote in her suicide note.

She was just a 15-year-old child who has all of her life ahead. Her parents said that they have never put any pressure on their children. Her teacher said she was a very bright student but she don’t have confidence in herself. 

From where does this invisible pressure come? Where are we going wrong? Just a few days ago chief justice of India DY Chandrachud said in his speech at NALSAR that “I also have been wondering where our institutions are going wrong that the students are forced to give up their precious lives” late in his speech he said, “practising empathy is not just a personal attribute, but it requires institutional changes in every walk of life within and outside the judiciary including our educational institutions.”

He said this referring to higher education but I believe it is true for the whole education system. In the race for excellence, we forgot to show empathy towards those who are not ready or don’t want to run, we just sideline them. In the race of becoming a global leader and celebrating the success of the people who made it big, we forgot the one who was left behind. Khushboo is just one of them. According to data by NCRB, more than 10000 underage children take their life 2021 alone. While walking on the path of becoming global leader, we shouldn’t forget how many dead bodies are hanging behind us and why?

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